January’s Steak Club Subscription is here

We are excited to announce January’s Steak Club Subscription is here and it will not disappoint. The Black Label Rioplatense Argentine Sirloin is one of our all-time favourites and with its many credentials, there are lots of reasons to join the club and unlock the lowest prices ever to exclusive and world-class meat.

January’s Steak Club members will receive:

  • Black Label Argentine Sirloin – 4.5kg – serves 18 steaks
  • RRP £130
  • Steak Club Members £80
  • Provenance
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Breed: Hereford Angus Cross
  • Finish: High-quality grain

The Black Label range from Rioplatense is the most premium in their offering. Found in the restaurants of London’s most highly regarded Argentinian establishments this month’s subscription will take you to the heart of South America with one bite. Our Argentine producers ensure that, through their careful efforts, the cattle live a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle. This results in beef that is wonderfully tender and the Hereford and Angus breeds are world-renowned for consistently delivering exceptional flavour. Suited to roasting or enjoying as individual steaks where the process of cooking will release more flavours into the beef as it tenderises.

The size of this month’s Black Label Sirloin gives you options on how to cook whether it’s slicing into individual steaks or using as a roasting joint or both! It is also safe to portion freeze and enjoy at a later date.

Alongside the produce itself, members will receive expert chef cooking tips and a sommelier
wine pairing suggestions.

Unlock extra savings, free delivery and have total control with the ability to pause and cancel whenever you like.

Join by: 02.01.22
Delivery: 12.01.22

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