April Steak Club Subscription

We are delighted to announce a Tom Hixson exclusive for Aprils steak club subscription

  3x Winners from 2018 to 2021 in the World Steak Challenge  

Freygaard Choco Sirloin

Origin: Finland 
Breed: Heifer Cattle
Feed: Rich Natural Grass Feed & Chocolate Fed Finish 

April Steak Club Subscribers will receive:

Freygaard Choco Sirloin | 1.2kg

We are very excited to share with you our April’s Steak Club subscription box! We have worked hard to source an exclusive product only available for Tom Hixson Steak Club members. This months steak club members will have the pleasure of enjoying a product that has solely been reserved just for you!

The Freygaard Choco Heifer beef is world-renowned, 3x winners from 2018 to 2021 in the World Steak Challenge. This is an excellent achievement in itself as it is put against 400 steaks from 23 different countries around the world, also winning gold medals in best fillets, ribeye’s and sirloins.

Sourced from the finest Heifer cattle due to its high quality grass feed and unique flavours they produce. These qualities are found in hand-selected Holstein Friesian and Scottish Ayrshire cattle breeds. Finnish farmers strive to breed the limited number of chocolate fed Heifer cattle, to produce unique mouth watering taste and textures.

The cattle is reared in Finland due to the excellent climate conditions; clean air, pure natural blue lakes and lush green pastures is the secret behind its great tasting beef. The cattle is finished on a chocolate feed, which adds a touch of uniqueness and sweetness to the bite.

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