Special Occasion Recipe Ideas

sauce for rump steak recipe

We frequently share our professional recipes and meal ideas for you to have a go at home, which is why today we’ve compiled an extensive list of some of our favourite recipes we’ve shared so far, all of which make for the perfect special occasion dinner recipes for you and your family.

From date night meal ideas to recipe ideas for a dinner party, our favourites are suitable for a wide range of cooking styles and abilities, and are bound to leave your mouth watering!

Steak Tartare

Originally featured as part of our selection of Valentine’s day recipe ideas, this steak tartare recipe was created in collaboration with chef Harvey Ayliffe.

This delicacy features our fabulous USDA beef fillet and is paired with a tantalising sauce for an unforgettable flavour.


One of our Ramadan and Eid recipe ideas, Shakshuka is packed full of flavour, protein and fibre, making it perfect for Suhoor.

It features Halal sausages, as well as a wide variety of spices and flavours including chilli powder, cumin and paprika.

Sunday Roast

Ideal for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a Sunday family get-together, our perfect Sunday roast is another brilliant meal from top chef, Harvey Ayliffe.

Although our recipe features Ribeye steak, the beauty of the Sunday roast is that any meat can be used, whether that be pork, lamb or any other cut of beef

Chicken and Chorizo Kebabs

An ideal summer BBQ dish for groups of friends and family alike, our chicken and chorizo kebabs recipe comes from Artrust BBQ and features chorizo and gorgeously tender chicken thighs.

Serve with flatbreads (homemade or store-bought!) for an unforgettable BBQ experience.

The Perfect Steak

Cooking the perfect steak can be difficult, but with help from Harvey Ayliffe, we have a great recipe for you on how to cook the perfect sirloin steak.

Using sirloin steak, this recipe takes a mere 25 minutes to prepare, cook and finish, and features flavours of thyme and garlic.

Keep an eye on our blog for more recipes for special occasions, as well as tips and tricks to help you refine your cooking skills and surprise your guests.

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