Introducing: The MEATER Box

Planning a BBQ this summer? Who can blame you? After months of lockdown, we’re finally able to plan some quality time with friends and family and enjoy a good old BBQ and some outdoor dining. 

Here at Tom Hixson, we’re celebrating the news by offering our latest bundle, The MEATER Box. This ultimate BBQ meat pack has been curated in partnership with our friends at MEATER and includes everything you need to throw the perfect BBQ this summer. 

What’s In The Box? 

With over 9kg of meat, you’ll have plenty to serve up with The MEATER Box. Featuring some of our favourite cuts, this is the perfect bundle for those who love to BBQ or smoke their meats. 

5kg Miguel Vergara 300 Day Grain Fed Aberdeen Angus Brisket (Worth £100)

Superbly marbled, the Miguel Vergara 300 Day Grain Fed Aberdeen Angus Brisket is a fantastic cut, full of unique textures and exquisite flavour. Raised in tranquil surroundings between the meadows of Salamanca and the mountains of Leon, it’s these comfortable conditions combined with the special breeding and adjusted diet which provide such a superior cut of beef.

3kg JUMBO RACK Wexford Valley Short Ribs (Worth £34.95)

Our Jumbo Rack Wexford Valley Short Ribs are one of our most popular choices. Naturally reared on open grassy pastures, you will experience some of the finest flavours and succulent textures with these exceptional short ribs. Skillfully cut by our master butcher, it’s easy to see why we’ve had such amazing reviews of these fantastic Wexford Valley ribs. 

1.3kg USDA St. Louis Ribs (Worth £16.95)

To top it off, we’re also including our USDA St Louis Ribs in our bundle too. Expertly farmed, these superb ribs are a popular choice amongst smokers, due to their exceptional quality and outstanding flavours. Our US farming partners are masters in their field, delivering these superbly flavoursome St Louis ribs that we know you are going to want to enjoy again and again. 

Right now, The MEATER Box is currently just £100. That’s a huge saving of £50 if you were to purchase the products individually. So be sure to take advantage of this fantastic offer whilst it lasts.

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MEATER is a brand that specialises in producing innovative cooking tools to help you create restaurant-quality dishes at home. Their Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is a genius device that takes all the guesswork out of your cooking. The probe can be linked up to your smartphone to receive accurate temperature readings for all your meats. With a guided cook system that can walk you through each step of the cooking process, guaranteeing perfect results every time. The thermometer also features an advanced estimator algorithm that will estimate exactly how long to cook and rest your meat, helping you plan your meals and manage your time much more efficiently.

Recipes and Cooking Tips

Once you’ve purchased your MEATER Box, take a look at our video from Pitmaster, Dave McCormack for expert tips on cooking up the St Louis Ribs. 

Or why not try our recipe for Smoked DINO Ribs using the Wexford Valley Short Ribs?

We also have Marcus Bawdon from Country Wood Smoke showing you how to create the ultimate Texas BBQ Brisket in our video below.

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