Complete Guide To Meat Cuts

Not sure which cut of meat is best for your dishes? We give you the rundown on all the best cuts of meat for popular recipes and much-loved meals in our latest guide. 

Best Cuts Of Meat For….

Roast Beef – The best cuts of beef for roasting are rump, top rump, sirloin and fillet. A silverside is also a great option due to its intense rich flavours which render throughout the meat whilst cooking. Take a look at our full range of roasting joints of beef

Roast Lamb – Lamb leg is a very popular choice for a roast lamb lunch. Great for serving large numbers as it provides plenty of rich tender meat from just one joint. 

Roast Pork – For a delicious roast pork Sunday lunch, we recommend pork loin. This particular cut is super lean, providing a tender piece of meat with fantastic flavouring. 

If you’re cooking up a roast this weekend, be sure to avoid these common Sunday roast mistakes

Pulled Pork – Pork shoulder or Boston Butt is ideal for pulled pork recipes. This particular cut is great for slow cooking and easy to pull apart once cooked. 

Beef Wellington – The best cut of meat for a beef wellington is a beef fillet. This tender, lean cut of beef is perfect for wrapping in parma ham and pastry for the British classic, Beef Wellington

Steak Pie – If making a steak pie, we recommend beef brisket. The fat covering packs bags of flavour and is great for long cooking times often required with pies. Check out our Steak and Ale Pie recipe to see how top chef Harvey Ayliffe creates this classic dish. 

Stews, Casseroles and Slow Cooking Brisket joint is a great option for stewing, slow cooking and casseroles, as is chuck steak. Both cuts can withstand long cooking times, or low and slow as otherwise known, resulting in superbly tender and juicy meat. Why not try our tasty Beef Stew and Dumplings recipe?

Steak Tartare – Creating a steak tartare? Choose beef fillet. Fillet of beef is perfect for this French classic and brings superb colours and flavours to this wonderful dish. Try it for yourself with our Steak Tartare recipe.  

Fajitas – When choosing a cut for beef fajitas, opt for sirloin steak. Incredibly lean, beef sirloin is perfect for piling into tortilla wraps with veg covered in a smokey sauce. Beef bavette is also great for dishes which require strips. Try our delicious recipe for Sirloin Steak Fajitas

Beef Stroganoff – Fillet steak is a great choice for beef stroganoff recipes. Rump and bavette are also good options and work well in this popular dish. Be sure to cut into thin strips before cooking and sear on high heat. 

Beef Kebabs – Opt for tender cuts with plenty of flavouring such as sirloin. Sirloin steak is perfect for beef kebabs as they work well with marinades and cook perfectly on a grill. 

Jerky – If you’re making beef jerky, opt for a lean cut such as silverside. Sirloin and beef bavette can also be used for jerky recipes.

Stir Fry – Cooking up a quick beef stir fry? Choose bavette (flank steak) or skirt steak, as the intense beef flavours combine well with aromatic Chinese sauces. 

Char Siu – Also known as BBQ pork, Char Siu is a wonderfully flavoursome dish. We recommend pork collar for Char Siu as it offers superb marbling, which brings an incredible depth of flavour to the dish. 

Curry – For a classic chicken curry such as a tikka masala, we recommend skinless chicken breast. Easy to dice, the breast works well in many different curries. The mild flavour combines perfectly with the aromatic spices from the sauce. Why not try our Chicken Tikka Masala recipe yourself? 

Tacos Chicken breast is a great option for tacos. They’re quick and easy to cook and take on the spicy flavours of this dish well. Check out our Chicken Tacos recipe with homemade taco shells. 

For more expert tips and advice, take a look at our beef cuts guide or our other blog posts, where you’ll find plenty of mealtime inspiration and fantastic recipes to try. 

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